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Ghanaian Musician Trigmatic Survives a Car Accident on the Capa Coast Highway.

The incident which took place last Sunday 17th March 2019 at around 6:30am on the Cape Coast Highway after Trigmatic attended a successful Seminar in Takoradi and gave a talk on Artist & Media Relations as part of the RTC Western Music Awards.

The Vehicle which is said to have been rented drove by an assigned driver (Not Trigmatic) went into a truck parked carelessly on the road without any signal or what so ever but non got injured.

According to a post Trigmatic wrote on his Instagram page states that the truck never broke down or suffered any problem which might have caused it being parked on the highway but seems to be a decision by the driver to just park.

As usual, Trigmatic offered a thanks giving to God for protection after the incident in another Instagram post. But Trig is set to host his “My Life Tour” in Kumasi on the 22nd of this month and looks forward to a successful event.

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