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Meet 80 Year Old Kenyan Woman, Cecilia Kiminda Who Fixes Sounds For A Living in Nairobi(Video)

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An 80-year old woman from Kenya’s national capital, Nairobi is said to have been the powerhouse of Nairobi’s flourishing sound system.

In a post gone viral on social media by Aljazeera, sees a very energetic and focused woman,Cecilia Kiminda popularly known as ‘shosh’, a sound technician who repairs video, audio and bluetooth damage systems for cars.

Shosh sounds’, a registered company founded by ceilia has amassed very appreciable number of customers who are always astonish at cecilia’s adroitness.

Her services which is described by satisfied customers as being reliable and efficient, earned her precious company a desirable reputation.


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As old as she is, Cecilia does not want to depend on her children for support.

‘Shosh sounds’ a car stereo empire she struggled to establish together with her grandchildren, currently has over 17 employees spread across various branches in Kenya.

The adventurous and persevere 80-year old career woman, also serves as a sound consultant to a local radio station, Ghetto radio in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Her alacrity and exuberance exhibited, at rather very retired age has won her a lot of admirers.

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